Electronic Waste Recycling

In the United States, an estimated 70% of harmful heavy metals in landfills originate from discarded electronics (according to an EPA study by Global Futures Foundation).  Recycling electronic waste and exhausted batteries can stop potentially harmful chemicals from seeping into the ground water, integrating into the food chain or releasing into the air, impacting public health and the environment.  Taking a few extra steps to properly dispose of unwanted electronics and exhausted batteries goes a long way towards creating a healthier planet. 

About half of all U.S. states currently have laws requiring the proper disposal or recycling of electronics and several other states are considering passing similar laws.   Many of MerchSource’s products are battery operated and/or recyclable electronics.  Many other common household electronics are also recyclable, so if it runs on batteries or electricity, consider recycling it:

  • E-readers - MerchSource offers free recycling of the Literati and LookBook
  • Laptops, TVs and Computers
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Household Batteries
  • Fluorescent Lamps
  • Remote Control Cars
  • Music Players
  • DVD Players & VCRs
  • Portable Electronics
  • Computer monitors, CPUs, Keyboards, Printers and Toner Cartridges
  • Mobile Phones and Telephones
  • Electronic Cables or Wires
    • If it runs on batteries or electricity, consider recycling it…

Finding E-Waste Drop-off Locations

Contact your local recycling or waste management program to find out more about convenient recycling options.  Many communities have electronics and computer recycling centers and may hold hazardous waste days, making recycling e-waste free and easy.  Privately run recycler drop-off locations are another good option.  Additionally, some recyclers (such as All Green Electronics Recycling) allow you to send electronics directly to them.  The resources below are independently certified and reputable recyclers with locations throughout the United States: